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We always try to provide you with tutorials on the things we make but occasionally, we sell stuff too!

We ship worldwide! The default shipping method will now always include tracking + insurace!

Due to popular demand, our cardboard tissue boxes are now for sale. Here are the most important infos:

  • Size: 12,5cm x12,5cm x 12,5cm
  • Cardboard tissue box with magnetic lid
  • Shipping: to Germany = 4,90 Eur (DHL Paket), Worldwide = 7 Eur (Insured International Letter)
  • If you order more or want Express Shipping, please inquire!
  • Returns accepted! Ship it back at your expense to get a full refund!
  • To contact us, leave a comment or mail us at: cubes@kanojo.de
  • If you're interested in new designs, feel free to leave a comment. If there is enough demand, we may add it to our shop.

Please use the Paypal Checkout buttons to order! You will receive a shipping notification with your tracking number in a 2-5 days after payment.

Companion Cube Tissue Box [20Eur]

How it's made: Grey painted cardboard tissue box. The pattern is made from PE-foil (UV-resistant).

Currently Sold Out



Rubik's Cube Tissue Box [18Eur]

How it's made: Black painted cardboard tissue box. The stickers are made from laminated colored paper and very strong double sided tape.

Currently sold out

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to get the mario coin box version of this. How can I get that? Thanks

    • Hello,

      we currently don\’t sell the mario coinbox version yet — but we have recently acquired material to build first prototypes in a manner that is suited for a-bit-larger-quantity production. As soon as we aren\’t as involved in studying for university anymore, we\’ll report back with some hopefully good results. I hope you can stand by for a few weeks until we are able to offer those designs too ;).

      Best Regards

  2. I was wondering what the shipping to Ireland would be and what boxes are avaliable?

  3. Is the Mario \”POW\” box for sale? If so how much in USD?

  4. Will you have the pow boxes available anytime soon?

  5. When r other styles coming specifecally the mario ? One

  6. When is ? Box coming out

  7. Awful! Bait and switch all day. Site referred to this promising hardwood awesome geeky boxes. Not flimsy crap cardboard boring boxes I can buy on ebay for much cheap and at least those are hand stitched and not this garbage.

    • Dear Anon (it\’s always convenient not to give a name when flaming, right?),
      we put up the original post because we wanted people to make those boxes themselves. Then users asked to buy them and it became apparent very quickly that 1) they are super heavy to ship and 2) no one was willing to pay for so much work that is needed to make them. These cardboard ones are a trade-off between quality and price and we\’re not trying to fool anyone.
      We\’re also still more than happy to help people who are willing to make them from wood, so please stop posting those lies. Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    I would like to purchase a rubik cube tissue box. do you have an estimated time of arrival after payment?

    • Hi,

      i\’d be glad to state the time postage takes according to our experiences so far. Would you mind stating here (or mailing) the country you live in? Otherwise theres hardly any statement we can make…


  9. sorry, should have mentioned that…
    i ordered a tissue box to israel.
    thanks again, leah

  10. dear nebuk,
    i am looking forward to receiving the rubik cube tissue box since it is meant for my husband\’s birthday on February 3rd . if you do have any idea when it will arrive i\’d be much obliged.
    thanks again, and it looks really beautiful,

  11. How much money for U.S.A (Texas)?

    • Hi,

      as you can read above:
      Shipping: to Germany = 4,90 Eur (DHL Paket), Worldwide = 7 Eur (Insured International Letter)

      As Texas is not germany, its worldwide, so 7Eur of shipping. Although i have to tell you that, unfortunately, they are out of stock, as you can also see.

      Best Regards!

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