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Model/Garage Kits - The Comprehensive Guide

When I started building garage kits not so long ago, I felt the internet still lacked an up to date guide. There are some quite old ones and Warhammer communities, there are model kit communities as well but all those were talking about were problems a beginner wouldn't face (yet) and gathering all the information from digging was annoying (and I still made a lot of beginner's mistakes). A whole bunch of thanks goes to Modelkit-Universe, it is a friendly German community with a decent amount of tutorials (sticky threads so you don't have to turn the board upside down). If you don't happen to speak German.. well, that's why I'm writing this guide for the international audience 🙂

There will be several articles, so this post will serve as a collection of links to each of those guides. ALL guides will be updated as seen fit. I'm still learning and that means I will need to add new tools oradvice.



The Building Process




Small articles

Clear Parts


Painting Skin

Painting Eyes


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